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"I've tried many applications including Mindmap, JIRA, etc. But I loved the simplicity of Canvazify. In just of 2 months I have 40+ canvases. We use it for everything, from ideation to product roadmap discussions to plans. Google Docs and Canvazify are my default applications."
Sushil Shirke, CEO Conexstra and KEXPLORA
"The reason I like canvazify is its flexibility. Creativity hates spreadsheets and checklists. It enjoys freedom and flexibility. With Canvazify, I can create hundreds of ideas, categorize, play with them, see them evolve."
Harshad Bhagwat, Founder GREGenie, Fellow SLP
"We used it for 3 projects so far and it looks very promising tool. Lot of data gathering, data sharing among the teams and with clients is happening through Canvazify. It efficiently captures the physical process in digital manner."
Manoj Kothari, Founder and CEO Onio Design
"We used it for brainstorming with our management students during induction program. We used custom template. In matter of minutes we were able to get 500+ ideas. Its very simple to use and we highly recommend it."
Prof. Amol Randive, Vishwakarma Institutes, Pune